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The history of our company dates back to the year 1990 when the Termo Products Sp. z o.o. was established.

It grew up in a very short time to become the leading importer and distributor of refrigerants in the country.

Thanks to the combination of qualities such as potential, knowledge and experience of Termo Products and Robert Schiessl GmbH,

a new entity TERMO SCHIESSL Sp. z o.o. was formed in the year 1997. As a result the offer of refrigerant gases was extended with complete assortment of components and

equipment for refrigeration and air-conditioning.

The German company Robert Schiessl GmbH, existing since 1924, has a net of branches in

Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Belarussia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Croatia, Norway Switzerland and Italy is one of the biggest refrigeration and air-conditioning wholesalers in Europe.

Robert Schiessl GmbH offers about 30.000 products from more than 100 suppliers all over the world.






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